Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Our dentist are experienced in root canal therapy to eliminate toothache and painful symptoms

Pain-Free Dentistry

Root Canal Treatment can cause tremendous anxiety for some patients. Not only are our dentists gentle with patient care, but they also offer sedation dentistry options to provide stress-free procedures and use the latest rotary instruments for fast and precise root canal treatment.

Root Canals Saves Natural Teeth

Root canals therapy is a tooth saving procedure to prevent extraction in the event of infection within the root canal of the tooth.

Many people avoid root canal therapy because they have an unfair reputation for being perceived as a painful procedure. Root canal therapy actually relieve pain and can prolong the life of the natural tooth. Saving natural teeth is the most affordable and conservative solution to protect your oral health and the original appearance of your smile.

Often the first symptoms of infection within the root canal of your tooth include pain and sensitivity. Other signs may include tooth discoloration, a cavity or a lesion on the gum, and swelling of the face or jaw.

An exam and x-ray will be necessary to determine if root canal therapy is necessary. We will explain each diagnosis and the treatment options available.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

After complete anaesthetising the tooth, Dr Koh and Dr Zhan will use modern rotary instruments to clean the infection, pulp tissue, and damaged nerve fibres within the root canal of the tooth. Placing medication and filling the canal will promote healing and prevent re-infection. 

Once the pulp is removed, the tooth lacks blood supply and becomes brittle. In almost all cases we recommend a crown to prevent damage and fractures.

Our clinic offers both tooth-coloured crowns and full gold crowns to protect the tooth after root canal therapy.

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