Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Finding a dental clinic that provides service to both adult and children poses a challenge. We warmly welcome children to our clinic and work closely with parents to keep little smiles healthy and comfortable.

Children and adolescents are in the phase of growth and development. It gives advantages to parents having the benefit of monitoring their children’s growth and development and pre-empt with knowledge of potential issues during this stage of life. In our professional career, we have encountered multiple situations of parents concerned about their children’s facial and teeth development and keen to know more about how to manage and resolve these issues.

Dr Koh and Dr Kay have both studied and trained in facial and dental growth and development. Please feel comfortable to ask questions and we will assist you with our knowledge and experiences. 

Paediatric Dental Emergencies

Children can experience dental emergencies just as adults do. However, the management can be quite different from treating an adult. If your child has experienced discomfort, please contact us to have a quick chat to determine whether the child need to be seen immediately. Leaving an infected baby tooth behind can sometimes lead to detrimental effect on body. 

Children and adolescents are usually active in sports. We also deliver custom made mouthguards for children who are in any form of contact sports.

The range of treatment is listed as below:

Children’s Dentistry

  • Fissure seal
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Dental fillings
  • Pre-Orthodontic
  • Primary dental extractions

We accept Medicare payments for Child Dental Benefit Scheme.

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