Teeth Whitening Como

Teeth Whitening Como

Quality Teeth Whitening Como

Everyone appreciates a bright and white smile. Hulme Court Dental and Implant Centre provides a wide range of dentistry procedures and solutions. Having built up our clinic in the local community, Hulme Court Dental is a trusted dental clinic for residents of Como and its surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to keeping people’s smiles bright. Whether it be quick solutions or extensive dental whitening, we can offer you the dental whitening treatment right for you!

Como Dental Care

Having a beautiful and white set of teeth is something most people strive for. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to keep your teeth white and bright over the years. Teeth stains, remnants of tooth loss, tooth decay, or other dental issues drastically affect the colour of your teeth.

There are two types of causes of stains for your teeth: intrinsic and extrinsic.

Extrinsic stains are commonly caused by coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks and certain food. Smoking also leaves extrinsic stains as it affects the outermost layer of teeth. Aging also breaks down enamel over time, resulting in stains. Extrinsic stains are yellow or brown in nature. Although concerning, it is the type of stain that is easier to remove.

Intrinsic stains affect the deeper layers of your teeth, making it more difficult to remove. Common causes of intrinsic stains are oral trauma, certain diseases, the use of certain medicines, and aging. Intrinsic stains have more of a blue or grey tone.

Although losing the brightness in our teeth is natural, the change in teeth colour is sometimes more apparent with others. With our teeth whitening treatments for Como residents we can help with dull, stained, or yellow teeth. There are little additional requirements for teeth whitening treatments. However, we do not recommend the treatment to people who have unhealthy gums, tooth decay, or damage in tooth structure. Dental whitening is also not recommended for pregnant women.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an appealing treatment for people who want to boost their confidence and have fresher smiles. Due to the big leaps in dental care and solutions, you can now buy DIY whitening kits from supermarkets, or even beauty shops. These take-home kits are affordable and convenient in terms of access and use. Although, DIY whitening kits from these sellers are less effective. Your desired results can easily be attained by choosing professional teeth whitening. Have a quick, safe, and effective whitening experience with professional dentists at Hulme Court Dental.

Whitening Treatment for Como Residents

Hulme Court Dental and Implant Centre provides leading dentistry services for residents of Como in our clinic based in Myaree. We offer teeth whitening treatments through either an in-chair whitening procedure or a take-home whitening kit.

We stand by the quality of our whitening treatment in both options. If you’re pressed for time, the in-chair procedure provides an immediate and drastic improvement in teeth colour. Our dental whitening treatments can correct discolouration from both intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Rejuvenate your smile and bring your confidence up sky-high with our quality whitening treatment. Schedule an assessment by booking an appointment with us. Contact us today!