Surgical Extractions

Dental Extractions

Though we strive to save natural teeth whenever possible, sometimes extraction is the only solution to diseased, damaged or symptomatic wisdom teeth. Our dentists are experienced in all types of teeth extractions.

  • Primary (deciduous) teeth
  • Permanent adult teeth
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Standard and Surgical extractions

Wisdom teeth often become painful and press against adjacent teeth, causing teeth to shift. In some cases, lack of adequate space prevents the wisdom teeth from erupting through the gums, causing a condition called impaction.

We include wisdom teeth evaluation for teens and young adults as part of our preventive dentistry programme.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Except for wisdom teeth, we offer tooth-replacement options so you can make the best choice for your smile.

  • Bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures and partial dentures
  • Implant retained dentures

Painful Teeth or Facial Swelling

We welcome you to contact us at Hulme Court Dental and Implant Centre to arrange a booking. We also offer emergency services to eliminate acute pain and improve your oral health. We welcome new patients of all ages and provide exceptional patient care that will put the smile back on your face.

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