Invisalign Experience

Invisalign Experience
Hi my name is Robecca, I am the Practice Manager and the smile you’re greeted with when you walk into Hulme Court Dental and Implant Centre.2020 staples a new beginning for myself and my children as we started to rebuild our lives from previous traumatic life experiences. I now owned freedom to care for myself, not just being a caregiver, I have always been.

Having worked alongside Dr Kay for years, I have seen and shared the experiences of our lovely patient’s transformation and boost in their confidence through orthodontic treatment.

My daughter is now a teenager and her teeth required extra attention as she’s grown. Knowing my daughter, she wasn’t going to handle traditional braces because she aspires to be a Model. The amount of work and training for her portfolio would require a high level of aesthetics. I believe Invisalign would be a better suit for her.

After discussions with Dr Kay it was agreed that it would be a great bonding experience for my daughter and I to journey through the Invisalign experience together. Although I was quite fortunate to have reasonably straight teeth, when I was shown the before and after of my teeth with the iTero Scanner, it became clear that there was still room for improvement!

The prospective outcome had me excited. As we speak today, I am complimented on my teeth daily. I guess it’s the best thing for someone who works for a Dentist. My personal Invisalign journey has taken place over 8 months – how my teeth look now is more than I ever anticipated. My smile is larger and brighter than ever, and my self-confidence has soared.

What I have enjoyed the most, besides the changes to my own smile, has been supporting my daughter throughout her journey. My full understanding of the process helped me on the days when my daughter, like all teenagers, needed extra encouragement. The best thing I could do as her Mother was to be her role model myself. 

So far both our experiences have been positive. I am truly thankful that with the knowledge I acquired during the process, we’ve been fortunate to avoid butting heads.