I Had it Twice! Life Story of my Own Orthodontic Experiences

I Had it Twice! Life Story of my Own Orthodontic Experiences

Hello and welcome to my first blog article!

My interest in orthodontic treatment started from a young age.

In 2000, a good friend from high school had braces after one summer holiday. He showed us his “gadgets”. I was really intrigued by the metals and wires that were moving his teeth.

It became a true eye-opening experience for me after my mum took me to an orthodontist to have braces put on myself.

The whole braces experience was very exciting for a teenager at that time, but the passion did not last long. I quickly grew bored of the treatment and was not keen with brushing. As many of you, the daunting adjustment appointments, pain from the metal and teeth moving, the constant food trapping all had been nothing but a hassle for a rebellious teenager.

Luckily my teeth were not so bad to begin with, the treatment took less than 18 months, which was considered very fast treatment for braces.

Life went on and in 2016 I started my Invisalign journey.

After learning basic orthodontic movement, my interest grew even more when I saw an Invisalign Advertisement.

Funnily enough, my own straight teeth as a teenager had moved after the wisdom teeth started growing. I had finally taken all my wisdom teeth out in 2019 (It took me almost 10 years to have all of them removed, which I deeply regret. In hindsight, I should have done them when I was a student. Once work started, there was not much time to plan for such events as my own experience entails.)

In 2020, I decided to correct my teeth again with Invisalign. 

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to try one of the early generations of Invisalign. What amazed me was the progress in technology in just a short 3 years! There is a definite control of the outcome, less aligners required and more comfort in the wearing experience with the material.

After only 10 aligners, my lower front little overlapped incisors are back in line with the other teeth again!