Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello Valued Patients, Fellow Warriors Fighting Breast Cancer, Families and Friends.

This month is my 5 years and 7 months in remission and counting as a Survivor of Breast cancer. This disease, as real as it is for many, it was for me 8 years ago when I was first diagnosed. There were many battles fought and won, goals set and achieved, hopes lost and found to reach where I am today, in order to live; to see my beautiful children grow into a fine young man and woman that I am extremely proud of.

I have so many people to thank who helped me through my difficult years knowingly and unknowingly; for giving me this opportunity to strive in always looking to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What better way to celebrate and acknowledge all the love, support, encouragement and help I received during my cancer journey than supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month this October.

I am hosting a Pink Ribbon Fundraiser for October with my work family who support me wholeheartedly with empathy and love. Our clinic is full of pink for the month of October with various informative pamphlets sourced from BreastScreen WA to create more awareness of Breast Cancer. I would love your support in reaching my fundraising goal for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, in the hope one day we will find a cure.

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